Suppository Vacuum Emulsifying Equipment  
Medicament vacuum emulsifying package equipment
Equipped with a coaxial triple-level blender at the upper part, a hydraulic lifting to open the cover; fast & homogenizing blender rpm: 0~1700 rpm (frequency inverter for tuning the speed), slow rpm for blender to scraping the wall: 10~45rpm (frequency inverter for tuning the speed); and introduced a high-shear vortex type emulsifying blender as the homogenizing head that can scrape the wall at slow speed automatically and closely against the pot bottom and pot wall. During the blending process, the materials will be driven by the cam-rotor pump to perform an outer circulation work so that the material can be achieved an emulsifying effect totally. A vacuum is applied to suction the materials; and it is especially effective against the powder where the vacuum suction can prevent the powders from floating in the air.

The entire working procedures will be carried out under vacuum condition that can prevent the materials from generating air bubbles after being blended at high speed so that the requirement for a sanitary and germ-free quality is achievable.

The prepared & finished materials can be supplied to the vessel for packing machine through a level-controlled auto supply system. The system is equipped with a CIP cleaning system.
Technical parameter :  
Model Capacity Emulsify Agitator Outside Dimension Power
Kw rpm Kw rpm L W H Max H
TFSRJ-100 100 3 0~1700 1.5 10~70 2400 2360 2200 2800 10.5
TFSRJ-150 150 4 0~1700 1.5 10~70 2450 2375 2200 2900 11.5
TFSRJ-200 200 4 0~1700 1.5 10~70 2500 2380 2200 2900 11.5
TFSRJ-350 350 5.5 0~1700 2.2 10~70 2800 2600 2550 3400 16
TFSRJ-500 500 5.5 0~1700 2.2 10~70 3700 3500 2600 3500 19.5
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