Mr. Zhang Qiu-Lin, has been devoting himself to the fabrication of food & beverage machinery and manufacturing equipments for Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnological products, cosmetics and chemical engineering products.
  All the employees of Tech Function Precision Machinery are earnest and down-to-earth that persist in the top quality and give their all-out effort in research & innovation to avails the Company of a group of technical teams in possession of practical experiences, and take the measured data and past experiences to design the machine¡¦s layout, flow process, performance and automation, etc. plus the planning, design, fabrication and installation for an integral plant. Consistently, Tech Function Precision Machinery focuses on the customer service, offers the practical and ideal equipment and quality, and continues the R&D to innovate the new technology as an effort to meet the demand from customers; moreover, it insists on high quality and provides the customer with the best, quickest and perfect service.
Pharmaceutical machines, Biotechnological machines, Cosmetic machines, Food machines.
Tank & vessel / storage vessel / proportioning vessel / fermentation vessel / fungus vessel / culture vessel
Piping engineering and factory planning, design and construction...
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