Centrifugal vortex emulsifying machine is to take the motor to drive the main shaft for a full-speed running, and the main shaft in turn rotates the rotor of emulsifying machine where the materials can be suctioned from the top end and the bottom end of stator into the stator's frame by going through the guide vanes on the rotor of emulsifying machine; consequently the effect of shear-cutting, crushing and homogenizing is accomplished through the tiny clearance between the end cutter face of rotor's vane and the stator's frame; meanwhile, the vane's centrifugal rotation at high speed can discharge the materials from the grooves of stator in the emulsifying machine that leaves the materials an internal-circulating state so that the effect of homogeneousness and emulsion can be finished in an extremely short time duration.

These are the sanitary pumps of centrifugal type for liquid feeding that have been based on many years of our specialized experience; The Sanitary Pumps are rationally designed for use particularly in food industry. All model sperm it disassembly. Cleaning and reassembly by a single touch operation, thus offering always hygienic use. These pumps are widely used in feeding various kinds of liquid with extremely favorable acceptance.  
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