The series of TFZG whole set cream equipment is the first generation cream equipment researched and manufactured by ourselves referring to the technology capability of the same type of equipment in domestic and overseas.
The series of TFZG whole set cream equipment contains : the series of TFZG vacuum cream machine, liquid material tank, boiler for preparing mixing, powder pneumatic feeding, temporary storage, measure, churn powder cup, feeding pump of finished cream product and tank for storing cream etc. Assemble them properly according to requiremnts; it can satisfy various requirements of cream process. Also we can design, manufacture, fix and debug the non-standard equipment of cream according to the process requirement of users.
The pates of the series of TFZG vacuum cream machine touching with material are all made of high quality stainless steel and non-toxin and non-poison material, mirror polishing inside and outside, meet the requirement of foodstuff sanitation, and can satisfy the emulsify caption process requirement of toothpaste, cosmetic and ointment etc under the condition of vacuum. Several types adopt various scale of producing in the valid working range.
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