TFY-Z  Positive join stainless steel fermentor  
Feature :
This kind of fermentor is made up of many same fermentors installed on one platform, which make user can carry out orthogonal trial with more parameters. User can select fermentor's type and so on.
Range :
This series suit for various microbiology orthogonal fermentation trials. It has following features: excellent stability, convenient to operate, strong contrast in parameter. It can realize contrast in substrates, such as different temperature, different rotate speed, and different air flow.
Technical parameter :  
Capacity 5L ~ 50000L
Coefficient of filling liquid 65~75%  
Material of tank body SUS316L / SUS304  
Mode of agitation Flat type impeller/slant type impeller/backward curved impeller/propeller type impeller  
Mode of drive Top mechanical agitation/bottom magnetic agitation
Mode of seal Special mechanical seal  
Structure Floor type  
Mode of sterilization SIP (Sterilized In Place)  
Mode of control DCS control system, adopts integrated control, LCD display operation interface
Equipment feature SIP, safe and reliable, special mechanical seal, large-scale observe clearly, multiform inoculating mode, beautiful and elegant, easy to assemble and disassemble.
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