TFY-B  Laboratory Fermented Tank  
Feature :
The fermentation canister of fermentor is made of glass that is resistant against high temperature; and the varying conditions of fermenting liquid are clearly observable during the fermentation process.
Two types of mechanical agitation are available: mechanical agitator and magnetic coupling; automatic control, automatic recording, storage of record and printing are accessible to the parameters of ratio-less adjustable rpm, fermenting temperature, PH and dissolved oxygen, etc..
Suitable for the microbiological laboratory of science research institutes and enterprises as Ideal equipment for precision fermentation test; and applicable as well for selecting the culture media of fermentation and culture of microorganisms, optimizing the quality of technical parameters for fermentation and certifying the production technology & fungus test.
Technical parameter :  
Capacity 5L 10L 15L 20L 30L 50L 70L
Coefficient of filling liquid 65~75%  
Material of tank body SUS316L / SUS304, SUS316L / SUS304 / Pyrex Glass
Mode of agitation Flat type impeller/slant type impeller/backward curved impeller/propeller type impeller  
Mode of drive Bottom magnetic agitation  
Mode of seal Without mechanical seal  
Structure Floor type  
Mode of sterilization Sterilized out of place
Mode of control DCS control system, adopts integrated control, LCD display operation interface

TFY-D  Laboratory glass fermentor  
Feature :
Tank body of this series adopts glass resisting to high temperature and changing situation of fermentation liquid can be observed clearly in course of fermentation. Mechanical agitation can be divide i nto top agitation and magnetic coupling. Rotate speed is adjustable steplessly. Parameters of fermentation temperature, PH, and dissolved oxygen are automatically controlled, recorded, stored, and printed.
Range :
This series of products applied to science and research institute and microbiology laboratory.It is the ideal equipment of precise fermentation trial. It also applied to selection of microbiology fermentation substrateˇAoptimization of fermentation craft parameter and test of production craft and of fungus, etc.
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