Airtight mixing extraction
Features :
A high-efficiency continuous extraction equipment in possession of special mixing design and high extracting efficiency is characterized with the advantages of high extracting efficiency, large concentration gradient, quick soaking, high extracting rate for effective contents, small effluent coefficient, large energy saving, availability of low-temperature soaking and uniform heating, etc.
Featured with a precise and stable PID temperature control, and the control system is selected to take the PLC to accommodate with the human-machine interface control where multiple groups of different process parameters can be input in accordance with the characteristics of raw materials or the requirements of special process; a fully automatic control throughout the process is available after setting the conditions; meanwhile, the human-machine interface can be set a multilevel of password to eliminate the manmade negligence.

Horizontal extraction equipment
Features :
Featured with ease of operation for the convenience of cleaning and maintenance. Suitable for the products that thereof soaking for a long-period of time is not necessary. Applicable industries: industries that extract the contents from Chinese medicine, tea, coffee and food.
Blade-blending mode can widen the soaking area of tea, lessen the consuming volume of tea, and reduce the production cost. Constant concentration of tea liquid for each batch can ensure a stable and uniform quality & characteristic. The tea-leaf filtration/separation device can filter out most of the tea-leaf, Equipped with a tea-leaf automatic transferring system and introduced an automatic cleaning device.

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