Brief introduction of products
This low-temperature concentrator is to apply the vacuum principle against the effective compositions within the natural materials for a continuous low-temperature concentration by taking the advantage of steam as the heat source to steam & boil the natural materials to evaporate the unwanted water and alcohol; the evaporated water and alcohol will be removed and recovered while the required solid materials are reserved; it is energy saving, high efficiency, quick, and compliant with the requirements of GMP Specifications for a concentration equipment.

Low-temperature concentration : 45~ 60°C
High vacuum degree : -600~700mmHg.
Concentrating ability : as high as up to 3~5%.
Heat exchanger : constructed by sanitary level pipes.

High condensing efficiency, cooling water circulation is available.
Concentration efficiency is high and quick.
Continuously supplying the liquid and discharging the condensate.
Can be operated to cooperate with a CIP automatic cleaning device.
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