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Double tank filter assembly
All the double barrel filters are made by high quality SUS304 stainless steel and composed by two cylinders the inner and outer surface is polishing with 0.4um the top part installs the pressure meter and the drain valve and used to clear and purify the solid foreign substance that exist in the milk sugars drinks, oral rehydration and not observed by eyes Both the jilters works ultimately and the filter bag net can be replaced without stop production So it used for long tine continuous production.
Fermentation vessel
Suitable for the microbiological laboratory of science research institutes and enterprises as Ideal equipment for precision fermentation test, culture & preparation of animal & plant vaccine and bacteria reagents; the varying condition of fermenting liquid is clearly observable during the fermentation process while an optimal culture condition can be further found to achieve the goal of massively increasing the productivity eventually.
Mixing Tank
The series of mixing pots are designed according to the request of medicine and food industries to sanitation. The material is advanced import stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316L). inside of the pot is mirror finish. All joints are welded adopting circle super-jointing. There isníŽt dead angle and it is cleaned easily. Froth the pollute-thane brings on heat preservation. The fixture, coil tube and alveoli interlayer can be chosen by users for needs. CIP cleaning mouth, anemic air-breath, inlet, thermometer, sampling hole, feeding hole and spare hole can be equipped for request.
It is the perfect middle storage tank of all kinds of medicine and cosmetic. It can avoid the second pollution in the course of carry. It is clean, pressure resistant and anticorrosive and it is cleaned and used easily. It inhales material in the condition of vacuum.

Open emulsifying machine
Water-bath bi-directional stirring melting glue tank is the main complete set of equipment in process of melting glue, matching material, vacuum and condensation etc. The mode of stirring adopts bi-directional multilayer distributaries stirring, the structure is compact, the transmission is balanced, the capability is stable; having the strong point such as stirring material equably, accelerating melting glue etc. The mode of heating adopts water-bath with circular hot water, heating quickly and equably; the temperature can be controlled stably; can be up the best temperature for melting glue, improving the quality of glue liquid, and shortening the temperature for melting glue.
The equipment is made for stainless steel, heat preservation layer; the bladder is close, it can bear positive and negative pressure to output or feeding. the tank is equipped with thermometer, vacuum manometer, stirring axletree, manhole, manhole, lamp, aero phone etc; all parts touched by material adopt the sanitary mirror polishing. Having some strong point such as cleaning easily, antisepticising, anti-acid etc; it completely conforms to GMP, and is the ideal equipment for melting glue and matching material in domestic and overseas capsule pharmacy industry recently.

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