Brief introduction of products
The encapsulation process can be done in one time under a negative pressure and dry state with the machine body totally sealed; it is high efficiency and energy saving without the powders floating in the air and with the cross contamination of tablets reduced; specially designed pot body and baffle without sharp angles and hidden spots and featured with uniform coloration, small weight deviation, quick encapsulating process, simple manufacturing process, short duration with high cost effective, beautiful appearance, etc. Suitable for spray coating the tablets and granules with a film, casing or sugar, etc.
Inspection window of spray gun system

Control system can adopt PLC with man-machine interface control, Can in accordance with raw materials characteristic or special process requirements, it can input many different group of process parameter; After the conditions are all set up, it will can do full-automatic all procedural control.
The man-machine interface can be set up by multiple grade of password, to avoid failure by artificially.
Quantitative pump to cooperate with high performance excellent spray gun system, with high efficiency and high speed.
Inspection window of spray gun system.
Suitable industry
Western medicine, the traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, healthy food, the bag in such trades as the chemical electron, etc. covers the project.
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